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The Caroline M. Underhill Research Center contains extensive materials
that document the history of Andover since its founding in 1646.

Resources include maps, genealogies, family records, architectural plans, house histories, yearbooks, street directories, and transcripts of town meetings, beginning in 1656.  
Subjects include family gatherings, historic home and buildings, school graduations, natural disasters, town organization, parades, and many more.
The Society’s photography collection contains over 10,000 photographs and continues to grow. Images of Andover’s development from the late 1840s to the present include family portraits, holiday events, sport clubs, businesses, parades, class photos, mill workers, and many other subjects.
Genealogy and Local History
Published and non-published sources of Andover families make this a valuable genealogy center in New England. The Charlotte Helen Abbott Collection contains her works from 1853 to 1920 and is the beginning for any search. Church records, cemetery inventories and family files round out the collection. We have extensive records on the Abbott, Chandler, Foster, Bailey, Jenkins, Carrier, Wardwell, Peters, Holt, Osgood, Frye, Ames and Poor families.
wedding portrait 1940 andover
Scholars and people interested in local history come to our research center to learn about a wide variety of topics, including
Martha Carrier and Andover’s role in the Salem Witch Trials
The Anti-Slavery Movement
Andover During the Civil War
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Anne Bradstreet
Early settlement of Andover
Phillips Academy
Andover Theological Seminary
Architectural history & how to research “my” old house
William Wood and the Development of Shawsheen Village
Black History, especially Salem Poor and others who served in Revolutionary War
Andover Village Improvement Society

Research requests
If you are unable to come in person, you may submit a research request. Please send a detailed written request to:

Andover Historical Society
97 Main Street
Andover, MA 01810
or email your research request to:  [email protected]

How you can help
Currently, a project is underway to digitize and catalogue the entire collection to both protect the original photographs and, at the same time, make then more accessible to researchers. If you are interested in volunteering to help with this project, please call 978-475-2236 or email info .

To learn more about our research, send us a message on our Stay in Touch page
  1. Regimental Resolution upon the death of George Smart
    Regimental Resolution upon the death of George Smart
    Letter from his regiment commemorating the death of George Smart and acting as a condolence letter to his family. AHS#2012.043.8
  2. The Maddox Farm
    The Maddox Farm
    Maddox family in front of their farm at 176 River Road, late 19th century. AHS#1988.068.1ab
  3. Shawsheen Village
    Shawsheen Village
    1926 postcard view of the Shawsheen River in Shawsheen Village. AHS#2011.027.1
  4. State Reservation and Game Sanctuary
    State Reservation and Game Sanctuary
    c. 1915 postcard map of the State Reservation and Game Sanctuary, including the B&M Railroad from Ballardvale to downtown. AHS#1980.073.108
  5. Game
    Octagonal wooden board with two oval tracks cut into it. Twenty wooden disks with painted letters slide along tracks. AHS#1948.106.1