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Historic Preservation
We believe that the stories held in historic structures are critical to healthy communities. Whether they are homes or schools, commercial or civic, industrial or recreational, historic structures contribute to the visual and cultural vibrancy of Andover.
Examples of every architectural style from First Period (1680-1710) to modern contemporary are dotted throughout the town. Each structure tells a unique story about the generations who lived there.
Andover is fortunate to have 40 individual sites and structures listed on the National Register as historically significant. The town also has seven National Register Historic Districts. Ballardvale was designated a local historic district by a 1995 Town Meeting vote. In all, over 900 structures are now included on the Andover Historic Building Survey.
To learn more about historic preservation, send us an email or call 978-475-2236!

Follow the link below to the Andover Historic Preservation website to explore Andover’s architectural treasures.

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