At Andover Center for History & Culture, we are committed to our mission of building community through local stories.  We believe that when we connect people to the place they live – or the place that inspires them – we can make the world a better place. 
When people are connected to the community that inspires them, they care more about the people and places that make up that community. Bringing people together around local stories creates connections that are invaluable.
We work to foster a vibrant and engaged community by connecting people through the stories held in our collections........stories that speak to our shared humanity.
The pride of accomplishment is held in papers documenting a small business saved by family members of the founder.

The pain of a mother's loss is held in the handmade dress she carefully packed away after her infant daughter died in an epidemic.
The joy of driving a first new car is held in photographs from the early 20th century right through to today.
All of these stories are ready to be shared. They need your help to bring them to light.
Philanthropic support from friends and leaders such as you, who believe in our mission, is critical to our ability to bring people together.
Our donors are our heroes. You make all this possible. Please be a part of our mission and help build a stronger community.
Andover High School student Rory O'Brien telling her story of curiosity and discovery at Spring for History, June 2016.
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