Media Literacy Workshop

Thursday March 23rd from 7pm to 9pm

On any given day we’re exposed to endless stories, posts, news, and opinions shared through a variety of digital, visual, and print media. 

Media Literacy is the skill set that allows people to be active consumers of all types of media.  No matter one’s beliefs, or politics all citizens must be media literate to navigate today’s world. Whether it is news, advertising, or entertainment media, a media literate consumer will be able to evaluate sources, identify fact and bias, and deconstruct media messages.

Mary Robb, Andover High School Social Studies teacher and Andover Historical Society board member will lead us through discussions and activities that explore media literacy. These media literacy skills will enable people to make educated, well-informed decisions in every aspect of their lives.

Members: $5. Nonmembers: $10. Registration is required and seating is limited. To regiser email [email protected] or call 978-475-2236.
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