Off-Beat Andover Tour: Main Street

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 6:00PM – 7:30PM

What if you could see Main Street in Downtown Andover in a brand new way? Forget about your errands, appointments or rush hour traffic. Join us for a new walking tour that will highlight the architecture, history, and stories of Main Street in a fun, fast-paced, and highly participatory way. Games will be played, photo opportunities will be plentiful, and snacks will be provided!

Wear comfortable shoes, bring your mobile device or camera, and a sense of humor. Grab some friends and make a night out of it! Members: $5. Non-member: $10. Registration is required and space is limited.

SOLD OUT August 3rd, 6:30pm
Off-Beat Andover Tour
Register for September 15, 6pm
Off-Beat Andover Tour 
Register for Sept. 19th, 10am
Off-Beat Andover Tour