The Newsletter is the Andover Historical Society’s quarterly publication for members and friends that includes research articles, Society news, event and exhibit announcements, and volunteer opportunities.
First published in 1976, the Society’s library contains copies of each issue. Covering topics as wide-ranging as Pompey Lovejoy, the first automobiles in Andover, skeet shooting, and a 19th century Almshouse, the writers and researchers for The Newsletter always have interesting stories to share!
The following issues are now available online:
Volume 41

Spring 2016
Summer 2016

Volume 40
Spring 2015
Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Winter 2015

Volume 39
Spring 2014
Summer 2014
Fall 2014
Winter 2014
Volume 38
Spring 2013
Summer 2013
Fall 2013
Winter 2013
Volume 37 Spring 2012 through Winter 2012
Volume 26 Spring 2011 through Winter 2011