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Fun New Things that Need Doing at AHS!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Do you have some time to volunteer? This month we have several interesting volunteer opportunities.

1. Adding Manuscript Details to PastPerfect

We’ve been busy adding details about our manuscript collection to our website. Now we’re working backwards to make sure this recently transcribed data is also included in our collections software. This volunteer project is essentially copying  text from word documents and/or the AHS website and pasting it into the collections software to help fill in details about our manuscript collection. Quick training is involved (under 30 minutes) otherwise this can be done any time AHS is open.

2. IMLS Collections Database Project  – Two opportunities

  • Be a Runner! Data entry cataloguers need help actually finding the physical items in the collection, this is a great opportunity to learn more about what’s here and where its stored
  • Data Entry: There are still opportunities for  transcribing paper records into our collections database software – another great way to learn about what’s here.

3. Christmas Tree Exhibit Planning

Help recruit volunteers to decorate trees for this year’s history-inspired Christmas Tree Exhibit, plan which objects are to be used for inspiration and help publicize event. There’s lots of room for creativity, and we

    To volunteer or learn more about these and other upcoming volunteer projects, contact Carrie at or 978.475.2236.  You are also invited to join us at our monthly Volunteer Guild Meetings – the next one will be Thursday, March 25th at 2pm at the Historical Society!


    Historical Society welcomes AP U.S. History students

    Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

    The 2009-2010 AP U.S. History classes at Andover High School received a summer assignment to ready them for their studies this fall. With only days remaining before everyone heads back to school, we’d like to share some of what they’ve been studying.


    Students had to categorize information gathered from their assigned readings as well as three primary sources from a local historical society in order to write a 3-5 page paper comparing and contrasting the political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies to either the Middle or Southern Colonies between 1492 and 1763 and explain why certain difference evolved between the two regions.


    As part of their research here at the Society, students studied original documents from our archives. These documents included the following:

    • 1761 indenture papers for Captain John Foster’s indentured servant, John Dillaway. (View Front) (View Back)
    • 1715 deed for property from Esther Frie to her brother John Frie of Andover (View Front) (View Back)
    • Andover Town Meeting Records dated 1767 (View Front) (View Back)
    • 1723 deed of property of  Captain James Frye of Andover to John Frie, Junior, also of Andover (View Front) (View Back)
    • 1714 deed for property of Hepzibah Frie to her brother John Frye, Junior of Andover (View Deed)
    • Andover Town Meeting Records dated 1760 (View Front) (View Back)
    • Commission papers of Samuel Phelps declaring him a Militia company Lieutenant in 1760 (View Document)

    Searching the Archives

    Thursday, July 9th, 2009

    You’ve been reading about the construction outside the Society’s Archives – but we also have exciting news about what’s inside the archives, too! Thanks to the initiative of volunteer Joan Patrakis, we’ve been making great progress in providing more detailed information about our manuscript collection on our website.



    Drawings from the H. Winthrop Peirce Papers, 1918-1921 (Ms S 157)

    In 1982, Mary F. Morgan catalogued the larger manuscript collections and created a series of notebooks which include general information about each collection, historical and/or scope and content notes, as well as a detailed listing of each item in the collection.


    Joan has reviewed the entire series of notebooks and compiled a list of all the individuals listed in these collections, along with their dates, occupations, and related topics when possible.


    In addition, volunteer Carolynn Nelson has been busy transcribing the descriptions and notes from the 1982 copies. As a result of their efforts, the Society is excited to announce that the notes and descriptions from first notebook are now available online at: AHS Manuscripts Page (more…)