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Abby Locke’s Splendid Days: A Teenager’s Diary in 1860s Andover (#21)

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Abby’s entries from June 1867 continue

Tues. 4   Went to ride with Mr. F. after tea with his span.  Had a nice ride.  Stopped at Hattie’s.  He said he would call there next Tuesday and I think he will take her to ride.

Wed. 5   It is so warm and beautiful.  To day Louise, Mr. F. and I sat out on the steps a long while.  I felt quite jolly and acted so I suppose.

Abby attended the wedding of Mary Dove and Francis Howe Johnson on June 6, 1867 at Andover's Free Church, in its original location on Railroad Street in Andover. (Andover Historical Society collection)

Thurs. June 6   Intensely warm.  Went to Mary Dove’s wedding.  Quite a grand affair.  Mr. F and Willie came up in the evening.  I had on a barege.  I do not remember of pulling one on so early before.

Fri. 7:  School.  Very warm.  Had a Thunder shower in the afternoon.  W.M.  up and as usual played all the time.  Took a short ride after tea with Louise. 

Sat. 8   Edie came up to our house after Tea and we went down to see Hattie.  Mr. F. was up and had some nice candy.  I finished my hat to day. All the girls think it sweet, pretty, beautiful and so it is.  Father came home with a sore throat from Washington.

Sun. June 9   Mr. F. was up and came to meet us.  I didn’t like that very well.  Went to the Episcopal Church in the morning, to No. Andover in the afternoon.  Went with H. to Sunday School concert in the evening.  Mr. Gilmore escorted me home.  Mr. Tyler came in with H.  We walked up as far as Mr. Clarke’s and then stood talking in front till 9 oclock.

Mon. June 10   Beautiful day though rather cool in the morning.  Went to walk with Edie, Mary Means and Hattie up by Phillips A. at prayer time.  Of course we accomplished one object. 

The wedding of Mary Dove and Francis Howe Johnson on June 6, 1867 was one of Andover’s biggest social events of 1867, linking as it did members of prominent “Hill” and “Mill” families.   The ceremony at the Free Church (on Railroad Street) was officiated by Professor Austin Phelps, the groom’s brother-in law.  Mary Johnson, the groom’s sister, was Professor Phelps’ third wife.  She was the mother of his two youngest sons, and stepmother to his daughter, budding writer Elizabeth Stuart Phelps.  It is very probable that 23 year old Elizabeth attended the wedding (she admired and respected her stepmother and her family, and was included along with her half-brothers in their grandmother’s will).  Abby mentions that the weather was “intensely warm,” and that she wore that day a “barege,” or a dress made from a fashionable gauzy summer fabric.