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Photo of the Week

Sunday, October 30th, 2011


The dashing man above is Addison Brayton Le Boutillier, a talented artist and architect from Utica, New York. He was born in 1872 and as a child dreamed of becoming an architect. His first big job was at the architectual firm S.S. Beman in Chicago. His big break was when Mr. Beman had him make the drawings for “palm house”, an addition to Mr. Pullman’s mansion. He was laid off in 1893 as there was an architectual slump in the city. Soon after, however, he won a contest to design the “letterhead of a Boston hardware company”. He moved to Boston and entered (and won) several design competitions. He became a jewelry designer in 1894 at Bigelow, Kennard and Company. For five months in 1896 Le Boutillier traveled around Europe and his sketches from his travels were turned into fine engravings decades after his return. When he came back to Boston, he was hired to be chief designer at Grueby Pottery. Eventually he started his own architectual firm, and in 1928 his thriving firm created a parnership with Hubert G. Ripley. The pair made many colonial designs for Andover houses.  After his son was born, Addison and his wife moved to Orchard Street in Andover. He moved to Rockport with his wife upon retirement.

Thanks to Debbie for showing me the family archives we have! I’ve finally gotten out of my business-photo slump. All info gathered from the book Addison B. Le Boutillier: Andover Artist and Craftsmen by Clark Pearce.