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Abby Locke’s Splendid Days: A Teenager’s Diary in 1860s Andover (#35)

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Abby’s entries continue to be sporadic in September 1867.

Tuesday 17Clara had a Surprise Party and they had a delightful time.  Merriam was there.  I thought it strange and ever so many nice boys.  The girls weren’t quite so jolly.  Mary Stevens came over.  Sam went home with Belle Ray.  Eddie Roberts was real sick.  Clara is going to set one for him soon.

Thursday September 19:  Coming home from a drive we found Mr. Raulson on the steps.  We called on the Goldsmiths in the evening.  He gave us each a little knife.

From the lofty perch of her sixteen years, Abby appears to find the social lives of her younger sister and brother quite amusing, as well she might.  Clara was 13 in 1867 and Sam was only 11. 

Clara was the only other of the Locke siblings (besides Abby) to marry.  After teaching in Andover for many years (and living with her parents at 70 Elm Street),  Clara married Francis Jordan Thomsen of Baltimore in 1885, when she was 31 years old, and went on to raise 4 children. 

Sammy worked for his father in the family’s iron salvage business, but his life appears to have unraveled a bit after his father’s death in 1901.  He moved away from Andover, apparently without maintaining contact with his family.  Abby’s descendants remembered only that he was said to have “[gone] West and disappeared. “  He appears in San Francisco, California county voter registration directories in 1914 and 1916.  He is listed in the 1920 Federal Census as a patient, age 64 years, in the Fresno, California County Hospital and died on March 29, 1920 of “pernicious anaemia,” a disorder now easily treated with vitamin B12 shots.