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Photo of the Week

Sunday, April 29th, 2012


I know it’s the beginning of Spring and you’re probably not thinking about snow, so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

In 1898, a snow storm hit New England hard. Throughout Frebruary, blizzards trampled on Andover. Telephone services were almost completely cut off, and Andover residents had trouble traveling for days. Many trains were cancelled or delayed due to the snow and ice build-up on the tracks. Hundreds of men were employed to remove the snow from major roads like Main Street. Plowing services and shovelers cleared the streets and dumped the snow in lot next to the Tyer Rubber Company, which is now the Andover Public Safety Center.

After the blinding sheets of snow ceased, these two kids made an igloo in the mountain of snow on the intersection of Salem Street and Highland Road.

That concludes Disaster Month, brought to you by the Photo of the Week blog!

All information gathered from the Andover Townman, Friday February 11 1898, Vol XI No 18.