Old Sporting Equipment Week 19

November 13th, 2013 by Janak Shah


These two sled models are located in the West Loft of the Andover Historical Society Barn. They are similar in appearance and structure, and unfortunately, neither has a plethora of valuable information on it.

The first sled, above, has rectangular runners that are coated with green paint on the inside. The long runners contrast with the smaller sled base. Several holes are drilled through the top of the sled, but these holes appear to have no purpose.

The second sled, which is not in as good condition as the first, has rectangular runners with taper to rounded points at the front end of the sled. The runners have holes drilled in at the front end to hold the reins, with are made of cloth. The seat is about as long as the runners, and has a few holes drilled on top, which similar to the first sled, appear to have no purpose. This sled, however, has the word Eclipse roughly painted on the bottom, which might be a clue of its origin.




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