On the 4th day of Christmas Trees…

December 13th, 2010 by Carrie Midura

Andover Fire Rescue Personnel did bring to us… a tree filled with safety tips!

Decorated by Andover Fire Rescue

Fire can strike and drastically, even sometimes tragically affect those of all ages in a very short period of time. Fire can double in size every 30 – 45 seconds by consuming everything in its path. It is due to this rapid destruction that it is necessary to make every attempt to prevent a fire from occurring in the first place. Good fire prevention and safety practices should be developed within every home, school and workplace to prevent fires from ever occurring. However, if one were to occur, all should know how to respond to ensure the safety of others.

For the above reasons, and many more not listed, Andover Fire Rescue has chosen to decorate our tree with fire prevention messages and seasonal safety tips that may assist you in preventing a destructive fire from becoming a part of your life. Andover Fire Rescue is committed to educating all to prevent injury and reduce risks while participating in daily activities.

Education is not just about learning how to read, write and do arithmetic, it’s also learning to lead a safe, healthy and fire safe life.

The Historical Society has long collected items related to Andover’s fire fighting history – from early 20th century fire helmets to a fire safety box acquired just two years ago. Inspiring the Fire Safety tree are just some of these items, plus some beautiful engraved metal badges that any firefighter would be proud to wear.

Every child knows the familiar sound of the fire alarm and has learned the common catch saying like “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” or “Don’t play with matches,” and it’s almost always the local fire department and their brave, yet tireless staff, that we have to thank for those lessons!

Happy Holidays from Andover Fire Rescue!


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