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Andover Historical donors make history every day
Spring 2015, three Andover High School senior interns brought science, history, and culture together to help create Andover’s Historic Mill District.
They put Andover’s history at the forefront as they learned that in order to be sustainable, a community must know its past.
These student interns used Andover Historical resources that our donors helped make available:
  • to learn about decisions made decades ago that impact the community they live in today,
  • and to learn how important it is that they – the next generation – understand those decisions, because they will be responsible for making decisions in the future.
Throughout their internships, we watched as these students grew more confident in their research, their ideas, and their ability to communicate those ideas. Imagine these young adults as they go forward with their lives, deeply involved in the life of their community, fully engaged in shaping what it will be for their children and their children’s children. Wow!
There are many more students, just like these three, who crave the spark of inspiration that will engage them. And Andover Historical donors and volunteers make that happen every day.