The Andover Historical Society gathers and shares Andover's unique stories to help build a connected community
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  1. I first joined the Society at the urging of a friend. Over the last 20 years, the Historical Society has given me the opportunity to work in almost every aspect of its operations. I have had the chance to maintain some old skills and to develop new skills and interests....and I have fun and have met some wonderfully talented and good people.

    Ellen Marcus

  2. I’ve been connected to the society for over 30 years. Each time I come in to do research I’m impressed by the depth of the research material in the collection. It adds depth to the story I want to tell. Whether it’s a Civil War letter from a soldier to his sister, or an object that no one’s quite sure how to identify, there’s always a journey that takes me on to an “ah-ha” moment.

    Jim Batchelder

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